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This X7 ePower Vacuum Cleaner from Sebo is the perfect addition to make your home clean and tidy. There is a high performance motor, Computer Control System and efficient air flow design that combine to give you the best cleaning results that you won’t be able to live without. If you’ve got guests coming round, you can ensure that your home is in top condition as Sebo comes top in independent tests, making it a great handy vaccum cleaner. The Computer Control system optimises its hoovering performance and ensures that the brush is at the right height for your ease of use and for giving your carpets a longer life. It also protects the vacuum by shutting down the motor if there’s a blockage for example. It includes a cassette style brush roller for optimum cleaning and a wand for extending your reach into those dusty corners. The anti-allergy design means that your family will be unaffected when you hoover your home, being comfortable for everyone. Features and Benefits Computer Control System – This vacuum is cleverly designed for you to make your home clean with efficient vacuuming that makes sure the brush is always at the right height for your carpet. Anti-allergy design – Your family will be comfortable even with allergies when you’re hoovering your home with this vacuum cleaner. 10m cleaning range – This vacuum can cover a wide area in a short space of time, making vacuuming easier for you to do in your home, with a 31cm cleaning head that’s ideal for cleaning your floors. Specifications Anti-allergy design 10m cleaning range 31cm cleaning head Flat to floor cleaning Easy maintenance cassette brush Computer Control System Dimensions: H24 X W35 X D78cm Guarantee: 5 Year Parts and Labour Domestic Use Guarentee Colour: White/ Grey

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