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Sebo EB9812 700W Felix Peony Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner – White/Pink/Grey


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The Sebo Felix Peony vacuum cleaner offers professional performance for the home in a lightweight, versatile and easy to manoeuvre machine, designed for all floor types. The power brush can be turned on for extra grip and stronger pick up of stubborn dirt, or leave the brush turned off to glide easily across delicate surfaces without causing damage. Optional attachments such as Sebo’s Parquet Brush or Kombi Head can also be fitted for optimum cleaning performance on any floor. For added practicality, the turnable neck lets you steer around obstacles with ease. Adjustable handle height provides added comfort whilst manoeuvring and is ideal for storage, whilst variable power lets you choose the most optimum suction level for tackling different types of mess. The 31cm powerhead can be removed at the push of a button, and the integrated hose can be used for achieving greater accuracy in tight spaces when cleaning the car or your staircase. Other practical features include cassette style brush roller removal and an L-shaped head that can reach under radiators without causing back strain. 25% of all Felix Peony profits will be donated by Sebo (UK) Ltd directly to the Pink Ribbon Foundation for help in the fight against Breast Cancer. Features and Benefits Low profile “L” shaped head- Lets you clean right to the skirting board and even reach under most radiators, and it can be positioned flat to the floor for longer reach cleaning under furniture. Electronic guidance system- Indicates the correct height setting for optimum cleaning performance. Auto-shut off- As a safety feature the electronics shut the motor off should the brush roller become obstructed. Double-helix brush design- Gives superb brush action for easy removal of stubborn dirt and guides dust into the airstream. It can be switched off to clean delicate floors. Patented rotating swivel neck- Allows you to turn the machine easily, offering superb manoeuvrability for cleaning around obstacles. Integrated hose- Immediately ready for cleaning hard to reach areas either on its own or with the crevice nozzle or upholstery nozzle. High-performance- 700W suction motor, powerful ET-1 electric powerhead and non-slip belts give optimal cleaning performance, year after year. S-Class filtration system- Ensures that once the dust has been vacuumed, you will never see it, or breathe it, again. Specifications Dimensions: H123 x W35 x D25cm Guarantee: 5 Years Colour: White/Pink/Grey Power: 700W Capacity: 3.5L Weight: 9.5kg Age Restriction: Children from 8 years and above need adult supervision

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