NEXTBASE NBDVRS2RWC Quad HD Rear View Dash Cam – Black, Black



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Cover your backside with the Nextbase Rear Window Dash Cam. Hook it up to your Nextbase 322GW, 422GW or 522GW dash cam (sold separately) and away you go.Rear-ended by a tailgater? If you ever get into an accident you’ll have vital evidence for an insurance claim. The wide-angle lens captures all the important stuff like number plates. And when paired with the 422GW or 522GW it’ll also record in Full HD.This dash cam is small and discreet so doesn’t have a screen. But you can see what it’s recording on your front dash cam (pretty handy when reversing into a tight spot). It saves all your footage straight to the main dash cam, so everything is in one place.__________________________________Please note: This camera is compatible with Nextbase 322GW, 422GW and 522GW models. When you are using a rear-view camera module the resolution of your front camera will automatically adjust to manage the two high resolution video files. The options for these settings are:- 422/522GW: Front 1080p Rear 1080p OR Front 1440p Rear 720p- 322GW: Front 1080p Rear 720p

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