Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm Bluetooth Smart Watch - Silver

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

One of the best range of Samsung smartwatches around to buy today. We’ll cover the main features that make this a watch worth buying and also what to look out for.

Smartwatches have come a long way and are becoming more commonplace that complements the health-conscious lifestyle many people live today.

Far from just telling the time they are now sophisticated mini-health and fitness machines that can help people of all ages monitor their health and also improve their fitness due to the many features on offer.

Watches like this are getting ever more popular and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one that features very highly in the marketplace today.

What is Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Range?

The Galaxy Watch 3 combines smartphone-level productivity and sophisticated health technology in one classic, premium device. Effortlessly manage your life, fitness and well-being all from your wrist

Main Health Features

Running Analysis – Improve your stride

Get more out of each movement thanks to built-in run coaching. GPS maps your running route and tracks distance, while superior sensors keep you on pace. After a cool down, Advanced Run Coaching delivers enhanced post-run data and analysis so you can get the most out of every mile.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Running Analysis

Detect Irregular Heart Rhythm

Record ECG for 30 seconds similar to standard single Lead I ECG. The ECG Monitor app will also check the recording for signs of Atrial Fibrillation— a common form of irregular heart rhythm. Share the PDF report of your ECG recording with your health care provider.

Monitor and Track Your Blood Oxygen

Use the on-demand SpO2 measurement can track how well your heart is pumping oxygen through the body9 while real-time feedback on VO2 max9, the maximum amount of oxygen consumption, evaluates overall endurance during training.

Trip Detection Notification

Your watch can notify an emergency contact and share your location if it detects a hard fall during your workout. Very handy if you’re in real trouble and in need of medical assistance.

Sleep Monitor / Better

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s automatic sleep tracker (no app download required) uses an advanced algorithm to calculate your sleep score.11 This watch also monitors your stress level and offers breathing guides to help you re-centre.

Helping Your Home Workouts

With over 120 home workout videos on Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Health app, Galaxy Watch 3 helps you get your body moving on your time and tracks seven popular activities automatically. Pick a program from your phone and cast it to your TV. As you work out, the cast will display your heart rate in real-time. Use the Ridge Sport Band for even more accurate stats.

Other Features:

Thousands of Galaxy Watch3 Faces
  • Premium Leather Strap – The design is set off with a premium genuine Dutch calf leather fit strap. Aged leather creates a natural look on the outside while strengthened leather provides a comfortable fit on the underside. Don’t like the strap colour? change it for a new fresh new style in a snap with quick-change bands that come in a wide array of colours
  • Personalised Watchfaces – Choose from over 50,000 watch faces that match its sleek body. Even make your own look with over 40 combinations, and get the useful information you need at a glance while easily accessing your favourite apps.
  • Rotating bezel to navigate apps easier – Take your pick of two sizes, 45mm or 41mm, each with a face you won’t soon forget. Available in premium Mystic Black, Mystic Silver and Mystic Bronze, the elegant watch face is outlined by a unique rotating bezel for a look that works around the clock.
  • Lighter, Big Display with Slimmer Frame – With Galaxy Watch3’s subtle rotating bezel and big screen, it’s easier to focus on what matters. Featuring a slimmed-down frame and a sophisticated look, Galaxy Watch3 is thinner, smaller and lighter than traditional watch designs.
  • Auto Chat History – When you get a new text, Galaxy Watch3 shows your chat history so you can effortlessly follow the conversation. You can also see images without an extra tap, making it even easier to keep up while on a run

Video highlighting the main features


What can Samsung Galaxy watch 3 do?

As you can see from the listed features – a lot. IF you just want a stylish watch then that’s good. But if you want a lifestyle health and fitness monitor then you’ve got it all with lots of features to help monitor your body and how active you are. Also, keep in contact when someone calls or send you a messages you.

Is the Galaxy watch 3 worth it?

The price of this watch is higher priced than many other brands, but you are supported by a large business that is always improving features, like your phone. If you want a watch that is both functional and looks good then there can be no better choice than this, but if you don’t need so many features then there are plenty other options to buy a smartwatch.

What is the price of Galaxy watch 3?

Current prices at the time of writing (13th Dec 2020) are between £399 and £459

Does Samsung watch 3 have ECG?

Yes, it comes with an ECG Monitor that can check for irregular heart rhythms.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 waterproof?

Yes. The Galaxy Watch 3 has a 5ATM and an IP68 ingress rating (it can be submerged to 1.5m for 30 minutes). Which means it will survive a splash and track a swim in the pool and keep on working.

What’s the length of the supplied strap?

The buckle end is 70mm and the other 110mm. When attached to the watch (41mm model) the total length is 230mm

Will the watch work with an A70?

Yes, Just connect the watch through the Galaxy Wearables app, which will be preinstalled on your new A70

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