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Boxing Day Sales UK 2020

What You Can Expect This Year?

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Boxing Day Sales UK

Traditionally in the UK Boxing Day sales was the one the most people looked forward to post-Christmas so they can bag a bargain and spend all their money and gifts cards received as presents.

It may not have the same appeal as it once did, but is still a big sales event that is advertised by many shops to cash in on generating even more sales.

These days the Boxing Day Sales extend for a longer period over a few days if you’re quick and queue up early enough you can pick up deeply discounted products typical reduced from 50%-80% off retail prices.

What To Expect in Boxing Day Sales?

All the retailers selling products across the board from clothes to toys to computers will be getting organised for this annual event. For many shops, they will be trying to sell last seasons goods to make room for next year’s new products. This is a time when you can expect to pick up some real bargains

Boxing Day Sales Currys and Argos

While many people wait to purchase clothes from the likes of Next, many people now have shifted their priorities to pick up the latest tech and gadgets and other smart devices are most sought-after all across the UK.

Currys PC World and Argos are two of many other shops that take advantage of such sales as they specialise in all things electronics. 2020 will be no exception other than shopping on the highstreet will very limited and restricted due to Covid-19.

Boxing Day Sales Currys and Argos

This year we can all avoid the crazy TV scenes of people queueing in their hundreds outside shops and knocking each other over to get a hold on deeply discounted TVs amongst other items on sale once the door opens!

Both Currys and Argos will be gearing up for a very hectic and potentially record-breaking online sales caused by coronavirus restrictions as shopping switch to shopping on their computers and mobiles.

Boxing Day Sales Amazon

Being the shop everything, Amazon will make the most of like all other retailers and will have a mega sale across all areas of their store. As you would expect there will also a focused push on their own branded items like Firesticks, Tablets and eReaders amongst others and we fully expect them to continue in this regards.

The way Amazon do their sales is to have limited timed items for sale with Prime Customers getting priority before they offer them to the rest of the shoppers.

Expect this 2020 to be no different to other big sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Week as it’ll probably continue for a few days into the New Year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do The Boxing Day Sales UK Last?

The sales last six days – between 26th to 31st December. Like all other sales events during the year, this is no different and this is called “Boxing Week” – highly unoriginal but it says what it is.

Its main aim of this is to extend the post-Christmas sales period to almost a complete week to shops and online sellers can maximise sales and cashes in on customers spending their cash and voucher gifts.

Between Christmas and New Year, many people are on holiday so have more than sufficient time to shop.

Are Boxing Day Sales Good?

Many shops try and sell outdated and/or out of season items for sale so will discount many product lines offering fantastic deals. As a general clearout, and that means that there will be some that are deeply discounted.

What you will expect are the usual product suspects including Smart TV’s, Laptops and many other electronics. The best advice is to do your research and beforehand pick out the item(s) you want and track the price with other retailers (you’ll find most of them in this site).

Many new models are launched in the spring and tend or have a shelf life of about eight months – so for you, this means a really good time to pick one up a Smart TV, laptop, fitness tracker or a new mobile phone.

Do Boxing Day Sales Happen Online?

The simple answer yes, they happen online and the general trend for shopping online is growing every year as it’s easier for customers and retailers alike transact in that way. The only downside is that you’ll have to wait a few days for your item to arrive!

Do Boxing Day sales happen online?

Having said that shopping on the high street will still be there and people will still go out to shop as that excitement and the whole experience of going so is exciting and creates and the special atmosphere that can’t be replicated online.

Clearly, 2020 will be an exception due to the coronavirus pandemic that will dampen traditional physical trading and move sales online. This will mean hundreds of thousands more people going online this year than ever before.

For shoppers, you will have to be quick to grab the deals that you’re after and as mentioned above do your research so you know what you exactly want to avoid wasting time as the popular tech will always be in high demand.

We hope that this article provides all you need to know about Boxing Day Sales UK. The main points to understand is to do your research and this year there will be more competition online but also this is a time to bag some great deals as retailers offload older models.

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Please comment below and let us know if you have any thoughts on what you would buy this year?

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